1) Establishing Client Relationships: Propas has intensive initial consultations with clients to identify repertoire and rights available and to assess commercial potential with a view to a mutual understanding of realistic goals (both short term and long term) and expectations including timetables. Understanding client's profit expectations and costs, compensation, term and other deal points are agreed upon between client and Propas and representation agreements are executed.

2) Identifying priorities and the selection of potential partners in each market inconsultation with client: Our wealth of experience and constant communication with our current licensees and distributors as well as general and specific knowledge of market activities allows us to quickly identify multiple potential partners in each marketplace. In some cases, one partner can service the client's needs but where those needs are especially diverse or specific then it may be preferable to use more than one partner.

3) Soliciting interest and obtaining offers parameters: Review offers with clients and identify areas of negotiation.

4) Contracting: Propas provides contract preparation, review and negotiation in close consultation with the clients. Client will have final approval over all contracts. Having completed contracts with a vast array of partners often contracting with the same partner repeatedly, Propas is able to complete contracts on favourable terms with a quick turnaround.

5) Implementation and Administration: Propas provides label management services and oversees all releases, including establishing marketing plans, the co-ordination of the flow of information, liaising with the local production manager in order to establish quantities for initial ship out and subsequent projections, establishing the release dates, working with local independent promotion firms in the UK and Germany, co-ordinate the media requests, overseeing the actual approved budgets, production, and the proper implementation of marketing plan. When independent promotion services are required, we have relationships with a number of successful independent promotion companies in the UK, Germany and France. In other markets we look to the strategic partner to supply these services.

Our administrative services include obtaining and reviewing statements, invoicing and collecting on behalf of the client, assistance with local tax issues including VAT and withholding taxes.